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I believe everyone should be able to participate and secure their future using the stock market – so I’m building simplified content to empower and enrich everyone.

Hey! I’m Alex Cunningham!

Father of 2|Podcast Host | Stock Investor

stocks for beginners baba and me

You might think you need an inheritance or a better paying job to reach your financial goals.

No one in my family has ever hit financial freedom.

Now I produce content to help people like you invest in the stock market. My goal is to be an example of a regular guy, growing up with zero financial education, who is able to create a better and more passive financial position for his family.

Escape the rat race with me and find your freedom! You can start now by listening to the podcast where I reveal stock market investing “secrets”, the skills used by the professionals, and stocks I am actively trading. This is a real journey, with an average father, on how to build wealth that lasts generations.